Institut Très Bien

Imagining the original 1930s salon, its moods, spaces and clientele, is like traveling back in time. I imagine splendid waiting rooms with rare, exotic wood furniture, and a noble, herringbone oak parquet floor. African mahogany meets South American peltogyne and sycamore maple, walnut, and cherry wood. I surrender myself to the exhilaration of these rich, aged, turpentine essences each time I return to that space. I discovered the comfort and tranquility of the waiting rooms, decorated with sumptuous bouquets of gardenia and jasmine, where the ladies loved to end up delightfully tasting a tea with delicate aromas of citrus and aromatic plants. I picture the lush cloakroom where gloves and fur and leather coats await their owners. I proceed into the beauty care rooms, an intimate space where only clients and beauticians were admitted. Instantly a scent strikes me as familiar: remnants of the Cologne à la Russe. A delightful amber vestige soaring out of rice powders and brushes and puffs, embroidered tissues, and other beauty accessories. The scents all blend together, the amber of the care rooms, the wood and flowers of waiting rooms, the leather of couches and the citruses of infused teas, a tribute to the traditional olfactory families of high French perfumery. Using this experience, Collection Tradition is gradually defined... A collection declined in sprays for the home, or in scented candles.
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