Institut Très Bien

"St. Petersburg, 1909. After a gruelling, five-day journey I have reached the confines of the Neva river delta. At last my goal is at hand. Progressing along the river I am soon presented with my journey’s design. Stately in its age-old splendour, the Marble Palace dazzles me at last, undoubtedly harbouring the emotion I have so longed for. An irresistible force of formidable magnitude pulls me in. There I see colours and light entwine into a flamboyant spectacle. I start as I glimpse a graceful silhouette bathed in natural brightness steal away into an inner courtyard, leaving behind a sumptuous fragrance, as a prelude to enchantment." Drawing on a mighty heritage, enhanced by the magic of creation, Très Russe encloses the secret of a regal trail.
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